[Review] Jon Krakauer: Into thin air

1898This book took me to the peak of Everest and back, not just in setting but also emotionally. Written by one of the climbers to the peak on the fatal day of the tragedy in 1996 it is a close witness account of the events.
The first half was a bit slow to be honest with history of expeditions, early records, tragedies and the early events on the climb to the top of the author and his group. He started the book with the scene at the top and the upcoming clouds at the horizon, which for me took a lot of the tension away until the story was at that point again. But that was just me. I don’t like this technique in TV-shows either.
But then… Wow, more gripping, touching and unbelievable than most fiction I ever read. I won’t get some of the described images out of my mind for quite a while.
People at their limits, horrible deaths, surprising survivals and overall snow and ice and coldness. I was inching deeper under my covers with every page I read and really treasured the working heating next to me.
Defintetely a worthy read but make sure to have hot beverages close by! 4-sterne-schw

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