[Review] Morgan Matson: Since you’ve been gone

18189606Shy and reserved Emily is missing her best friend Soalne who left without a trace with her parents. When a letter by her arrives that includes a list of things Emily wouldn’t normally do like „kiss a stranger“ or „dance the night away“, she is determined to fullfill the tasks on the lists, hoping this will bring her friend back to her.

The writing style is nice and easy and fun, the characters however never grew on me. The heroine seemed just designed to be this shy person so she can get over it, it never actually felt like it was a real character, her shyness never felt believable, it was just a character trait that was purely there to be eliminated. The way she gets over her shyness felt just so staged and just way too easy.

And the tasks on the list? They aren’t really all that daring I think, most is easily done, even for a shy teenage girl. She just ticks them off on the list without major problems, which makes the whole story pretty boring.

And once again we have the kind of parents that seem to be in every second YA book. WAAY too busy to have a clue about their teenage daughter being away half of the night.

The ending came too fast and too easy for my liking.

I really loved „Amy and Roger’s epic detour“ by the same author and first I was thrilled to have some playlists again in this one, but it soon seemed like a shallow copy of the real thing. 2-sterne-schw

2 Antworten zu “[Review] Morgan Matson: Since you’ve been gone

    • Laß Dich von meiner Meinung nur nicht abhalten. Ich stehe mit meiner Meinung ziemlich alleine da, wenn ich mir die Meinungen auf Goodreads anschaue. 🙂
      Also trau Dich!

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