[Review] Alan Bradley: As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (Flavie de Luce #7)

21874813Tread carefully if you haven’t read the 6th instaöment, this is no real, huge spoiler but I was surprised by the ending of book 6 and don’t wanna spoil the surprise for anybody.

Flavia sets out for a new life: She arrives at her new school in Canada and is torn between excitement and homesickness. But luckily (for someone like our Flavia) in her first night at the new school a dead body is found. To Flavia’s joy in the chimney of her own bedroom.

The following days are filled with her adjustment to the new school as well as investigations that reveal missing students during the past years.

Hmmm, technically it was all there. Flavia, her lovely chemistry nerdiness, a murder, investigations and an exciting new setting I was really looking forward to. But apart from the feeling of being back „home“ in Flavia’s world which I really enjoyed, there seemed to be something missing in this installment. I don’t think it was the new setting and there were lots of mentionings of the beloved and/ or quirky characters from back home to have the feeling, they were „in“ the story. I also missed some of the storylines that had built up over the series. It was too much of a fresh start to me without a really exciting new storyline.

The crime itself never captured my full attention, it felt a bit forced that Flavia stumbles over a dead body like that to begin with and the investigations missed some of the Flavia spark.

The setting of the new school and other places in Canada was as amazing as the vivid settings like Buckshaw and Bishop’s Lacey we got to love in the previous instalments.

But if you love the series you will enjoy Flavia’s Canadian adventure as I did.

(I was given a free digital copy of this book by the publisher via NetGalley.)4-sterne-schw

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