[Review] Sara Danvers: The Seven Devils

16066774This will contain spoilers, so in case you wanna read the book (which I stongly suggest against!!) – don’t read any further.

After nearly being killed by her father, even the mother realizes it might be better to leave her husband and get Ellen into a saver place. At her new school she meets a mysterious guy who is rumoured to be highly dangerous and a killer.

Let’s start with the supporting characters: I like a good flawed character in my books, but… the baddies here were just ridiculous and implausible. The own brother sets up the sister to be KILLED by the father because they had to move away from his friends after the father nearly killed the sister and he was pissed at her for taking him away from his buddies??? Who is supposed to buy such a character?
Psychologically it might have made more sense if the mother would hold back from dating for a while after escaping her violent and alcoholic husband. But no, she starts an affair that keeps her out of the house (with the immanent danger of the husband finding the family looming all the time) for days and weeks. Sure…!
But like mother like daughter… Meet Ellen, the most useless, clueless and naive heroine in literature. Her decisions are usually stupid and/or hormone based. Her ways of thinking elementary school-level at best.
On her first day at the new school, still traumatized from nearly having been drowned… she invites the guy everybody warns her about at school home, holds hands with him then and there, enjoys his kisses and follows him into the woods. Hours after meeting him. Sure…! (Great choice, Ellen!)
Basically she trusts whoever gets her hormones singing, so after the first guy breaks up with her, she starts dating someone else. He had sexually assaulted her before they got together. (Great choice, Ellen!) He treats her like shit during their relationship with violent moments and when she decides to break up with him, she chooses a deserted forest. (Great choice again, Ellen!) Needless to say he gets very violent and nearly rapes her (luckily she gets saved).

There is no single character in the book that I would consider interesting. The ambitious, self-centered brother, the ignorant and unfair mother, the asshole boyfriend, the misunderstood loner… Nobody seems to actually think once in a while, they all have their 2,5 character traits and won’t leave their assigned characterization for a second.
I kept thinking that some of the rash and idiotic decisions of the wannabe-heroine would be explained by the big secret (mind control). But it didn’t happen. She indeed was this stupid all by herself.
The pacing is horrible, insta-love² in the beginning that makes you dizzy and then ages of boredom. The second half has a completely different feel than the first half.
The writing itself doesn’t hurt too much, but there are way too many errors in grammar and spelling.
All in all:
Keep away from this book, I got it as a freebie but mourn the time I wasted on this shit.1-stern-schw


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