[Review] Adele McConnell: Vegan: 100 of the most delicious plant-based recipes ever

A little bit about me:
(I am a vegetarian since my teens, not so much for ethical reasons but because I stopped liking the taste of meat, for about a year now I am flirting with the idea of veganism (mostly because it is very tasty in a way that is both simple and refined to me: Fresh ingredients combined in an intersting way with just a dash of often exotic spices) and tested a lot of vegan recipes and it took over more and more of my eating habits, for about 4 months now I am „quite vegan“, in general I only eat vegan stuff but I can’t (and don’t want to) let go of my milk coffee in the morning/ afternoon, I tried plant based milks but to me it all tastes quite horrible in coffee.)

18112223About the book:
The introduction was surely one of the best parts. I liked the way it offered arguments for eating less or no animal products without a preaching tone. It also seems to come from a relaxed point of view offering alternatives to meat and dairy products either now and then or as a new nutrition habit.
The introduction gave a great overview over typical food in a vegan diet with tips where to obtain them and how to prepare them and what characteristic mineral value they offer.

To me pictures are a very important part of a cook book and I really liked the style of the pictures in this one. Quite light/ white with the food as coloured highlights and often unconventional cropping. (I only had a digital copy for review and my kindle only showed them in black/ white but I had a look at them on my trusty mobile.) To me the pictures were quite inviting although not stunning as other vegan/ vegetarian cookbooks are. Not all recipes came with a picture in my edition, which was a bit disappointing.

My first attempt were the crepes filled with spinach and mushrooms. It took two attempts to get the dough the right way as to be honest the first time I wasn’t following the recipe 100 %. So the dough came out a bit too soft and uncrispy. The second time with strict following the measurements it was way better, but to me there was far too much margarine/ fat in there. I have experimented a lot with vegan pancake recipes lately and they were generally less rich in fat. But the filling was simply divine. I loved the yogurt at the side, too.

I also tried the lychee, raspberry & rose sherbet . It was really good. I am lucky enough to own an ice cream maker and could do it in the machine rather than leaving it in the freezer to frost. After tasting the sherbet before frosting I felt like it was way too unsweet (it will be in more need of sweetness after frosting, so I added some agave syrup and in the end the result was perfect.). Maybe the canned lychees in Germany are less sweet than in Australia/ The USA? (The author is from Australia, but I got the US version of the book.) But the outcome was really great, the combination of lychees and raspberries is one I have to keep in mind for further experiments and exploring.

The recipes cover all meals of the day including a lot of dessert ideas and come from all over the world.

Usually cook books make me want to test a lot of recipes, especially vegan ones which often are still a mystery to me after growing up being taught you need eggs for certain things like pancakes etc., they make me want to give it a try to prove my first instincts („this can’t work without an egg!“) wrong, but here I was only mildly interested to be honest. But maybe I would feel more inspired with an actual print copy.

All in all in seems like a nice book with nice recipes but even though I intended to try way more than two recipes to judge the book, i never felt inspired to try more so far.3-sterne-schw


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