[Review] Jessica Sorensen: The Destiny of Violet and Luke

17152025This (and the upcoming) installment of the The Coincidence series features Violet, the troubled room mate of Callie from book 1 and 2 and Luke, a friend of Kayden (also part of the main couple in the first two books). Violet is troubled by the brutal death of her parents when she was 6 or 7, she went from foster family to foster family, never feeling wanted, let alone understood. Her last foster father, who she feels surprisingly connected to makes her deal drugs at university.
Luke is almost equally troubled by growing up with a drug addict mother, who made him shoot her up with heroine. He is now drowning his troubles in alcohol and sleeping around wildly.
When both have no place to go for the summer they team up and start to open up to one another, something they never did before.

I really loved the moments between Violet and Luke, they had fire and sparks when fighting and also when making out ;-). As a couple I liked them a lot, but as individual protagonists I never felt much of a connection to either of them, I am afraid.

The twist was way too obvious for my liking, it seems crystal clear from the first hint, I would have liked a bit of a build up and more suspense about it.

The beginning of the novel was heart breaking with views into the pasts of Violet and Luke, the first half was very catchy and intense but then came quite a slow phase in which there was no real development in the story or the characters in my eyes. The ending was just heart breaking and I have no idea how to make it until I can read what happens next.

It was an ok book but compared to Kayden & Callie it felt a bit too uneven and I was missing the connection to the heroes. It is well written though and a fast and catchy read (minus the slightly slow third quarter). I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t thrilled.

(Kayden and Callie have just very small appearances by the way.)

(I received a digital copy of this book via NetGalley. The official publishing date is January 7th 2014.)3-sterne-schw


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