[Rezension] Tigris Eden: The Genesis Project


The story is set in the future, in a world where humans are extinct and vampires rule the world. Genesis is an outsider as she is a biologically engeneered in a lab. A project to give the source of human blood back to the vampires. After she is grown up she has fulfilled her destiny of adding answers to science and wants to live a normal life, so she starts school and pretends to be one of the vampires. But she looks very different from them. Black hair to their white hair, golden skin to their pale whiteness. So she is an outsider from the beginning. Genesis finds herself highly attracted to two of the vampires.


Genesis is quite boring and naive, I never cared much for her, the two heroes seem far too „invented“ to me.


Sex and arousal seems to play a big part in this novel, but it never became „sexy“ to me. There was no subtle build-up, it was all just there at full level.

The way her levels of arousal were described was a bit ridiculous and made me laugh out loud a few times. Ok, she is this super sensitive being and gets excited by simple touches but the way her… flooding wetness is described again and again was downright comical.


It wasn’t mentioned in my copy that it was an uncorrected ARC but due to the number of errors (one out of many: „made her feel more at easy and relaxed“) I assume/ hope it must be. Wrong words, words used the wrong way. Shocking grammar, it is all in there.


The idea the story is based on is really amazing, I really liked it. A whole new vampire definition. Very inventive. But the story itself couldn’t keep up at all. It is just a „girl between two guys“-story with some background, that had great potential to me but felt like it was simply added to create some side story. I do think the author tried to build a fascinating world, but It was too complex for the amount of page time that was actually dedicated to that part of the story in my eyes.


This was originally a short story that was blown up to novel length, although it still feels quite short.

Far too often you stumble over little bits like the heroine describing that a certain class is her favorite class because a certain guy is NOT in it, one sentence further she explains that he is in ONE of her other classes. By that logic she should have other „favorite classes“ next to the one she is talking about or other reasons for having this particular fav class. It is no big thing but it lets me stop reading and wonder for a bit. And there are quite a few of these not quite logic bits.

Some explanations are redundant, it feels like the author had forgotten, she already explained something in detail before.

The idea was really good but it felt stuck between a „real“ novel and a short story to me. You can see what the author is going for and it could have turned out great, but the outcome is a weird, unfocused, unintentionally funny story.

Edit: It was brought to my attention by the publisher that there is a corrected version out there (and will be for sale) and I assume that I received an uncorrected version.

(I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley.)1-stern-schw


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