[Review] Katie McGarry: Crash into you (Pushing the limits #3)

17233800Rachel grows up in the shadow of her dead sister, who died as a teenager of cancer. Her mother constantly tries to turn her into an exact copy, fun and outgoing, into shopping and girly things, while in fact Rachel loves nothing more than fast cars. She suffers from having to pretend to be someone she is not and her body is rebelling, but she keeps things quiet from her family.

She stumbles into illegal car racing, where she meets Iasaiah, tattooed and wild foster child who shares her love for fast cars. Though they come from very different backgrounds they fall for each other but stumble into trouble with some criminal who demands a couple of thousand dollars from them.

Ah, such a great book, I inhaled it, especially the first half. Rachel and Isaiah are such a perfect couple, I love their chemistry. The story drags a bit in the second half and the end is quite shocking. I loved the first part and was a bit disappointed by the second installment. With this book the series is absolutely back to the charm of part 1.4-sterne-schw


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