[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Covers I Wish I Could Redesign

Another top Ten Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we are listing covers we wish we could redesign.Untitled-1

1. „The Mad Scientist’s daughter“ by Cassandra Rose Clarke


That moon! It fits the theme of the book but it looks so pasted in. Like a sticker glued on the cover rather than an element of the cover.

2. „Tisha“ by Robert Specht


The picture itself is oddly old fashioned and somehow wrong, but the bigger problem is all the text on the cover. „Bursting with all the warmth of James Herriots „All things bright and beautiful“ – The wonderful true love story of a young teacher in the Alaskan wilderness – Tisha – As told by Robert Specht“.

3. „Die drei Musketiere“ (The three musketeers) by Alexandre Dumas


I looove this cover. Just three beautiful rapiers in front of a wall. Perfection. I love the brownish tone and the simpicity. BUT it is annoyingly unsharp. Hurts my eyes to look at the details of the rapiers as my eye/brain combo seems to think they just have to focus a liiiittle bit more and then it is sharp.

4. „The Diviners“ by Libba Bray


This is a colourful yet slightly creepy story set in the 20s. The cover is simply boring and gives a potential reader no hint at the mood of the book at all!

5. „Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour book shop“ by Robin Sloan


Ok, I just get dizzy looking at that cover. There are other covers around but this is my version and I really dislike it. And it doesn’t fit the mood of the story at all.

6. „Die Apothekerin“ by Ingrid Noll


I do love the covers of this publisher. Always the same white, the same font and a picture on top. They always look classy and the images are most of the time really great photographs. But I don’t get why there is a medieval painting on the cover of this modern story about a murderous pharmacist. Just seems wrong to me. Maybe a darkish picture of some pharmacy bottles or a grinder (she loves poisoning her victims) would have been better. Maybe it is a famous painting called „The Pharmacist“? No idea…

7. „Ein ganzes halbes Jahr“ (Me before you) by Jojo Moyes


This is the german version of „Me before you“. To me it contains a huge spoiler and I had no doubt about the end of the book while reading it. (The bird being let free… those who read it know what I mean.)

8. „Paper Towns“ by John Green


The cover makes me expect a „road-movie-like-book“. Most of it though is set in the home town of the protagonists and just in the end they make a little road trip. I was expecting something else somehow.

9. „Wither“ by Lauren DeStefano


Oh that green. It is simply ugly and the golden-ish text is hardly readable. The Cover of part 1 was soo beautiful and tasteful and and then comes this thing! A (Way) less screaming colour for the background and a font colour that is actually readable in front of it would make a hell of a difference. (There is another version with a different green around but it is not much better actually.)

10. „The English harem“ by Anthony McCarten


I do like the look of the cover, but… a veiled woman is shown on the cover, fitting the „harem“ in the title. But the actual story portrays a much more modern harem. So the image and the expectations I had when starting the book were different and though I enjoyed the book it always felt like some certain flair was missing. Not sure this is making much sence but that’s what I felt.


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