[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Book Turn-Offs You Encounter While Reading


Making up for only coming up with 9 books last week, this time I offer way more than ten. Turns out there are a lot of turn offs in books for me 😉

1. The hero/ heroine hurts someone he or she loves but ONLY to keep them at distance and to protect them. (Breaks my heart plus usually it is the wrong decision as it turns out later.)

2. Cliffhangers after each chapter, followed by another chapter featuring another storyline (ending with a cliffhanger too) and when it gets back to storyline A… the threatening situation (etc.) is resolved in half a sentence.

3. Love Triangles (In at least every second YA book)!! (Need I say more?)

4. Big religious messages in „normal“ looking books, masqueraded as dystopias or contemporary YA books, but when reading you realize it is just about religion and spreading a religious message. (I don’t mind books with a religious theme (although they are not what I personally like to read, but I want to know before so I have a choice.)

5. Changing the POV during a scene forth and back. 2 sentences from her perspective, then his thoughts thrown in then back to her. To me that is simply bad writing. I don’t mind it if it is told from different views if it is divided chapter wise or made obvious in another way.

6. „Little hints“, unfinished sentences etc which make „the big secret“ more than obvious. I don’t want to feel as if the writer thinks I am a retard!

7. Superficial Instalove. You only know the looks of a person and KNOW he is the right one and of course it is „the one big love“ right after meeting him.

8. Bully the reader into liking a character by adding a sick mother, granny, sweet little sister etc. That kind of stuff which has zero connection to the story but only was designed to make us looove the protagonist and feel with them.

9. Supporting characters who are only designed to be a funny sidekick, an annoying opponent, or those that are clearly only there to make stupid mistakes to bring the hero into a situation that pushes the story further.

10. Redundancy in the choice of words but also in storytelling.

11. Looong descriptions of clearly unimportant things, which aren’t even adding to the atmosphere. Especially if in the same book important stuff is told in a hurried way.

12. Coincidences (the main couple gets interrupted just int ime to stop a conversation/ kiss, so it is none of them stopping (because they never would of course) (Telephone, knocking, arrival of a person etc.) Also stuff like overhearing THE essential bit of a conversation by chance.

13. Heroines that think they are plain but eeeevery guy in the book falls in love at first sight with them.

14. Tacky „girly“ covers like this one:12593099

15. Endless clothes descriptions. I just don’t care much what bracelett our heroine chooses to what dress.

16. Describing the heroine for the first time by having her look at herself in the mirror. Come on!


3 Antworten zu “[Top Ten Tuesday] Top Ten Book Turn-Offs You Encounter While Reading

  1. Ugh, I hate the „hidden“ pretty girl who doesn’t realize she’s drop dead gorgeous to everyone else. I also don’t care for the „You may think my life is perfect but being pretty has been really hard“ character. No, it hasn’t been hard. Being pretty is not a legitimate problem. Thanks for stopping by! Here’s Ours

  2. Endless descriptions of clothing bother me, too. I read a book like that recently, and it drove me nuts. I just wanted the author to get on with the story!

    And I totally agree about the religion thing. That made my list, too. I don’t mind the topic of religion, as long as it isn’t done in a sneaky way. That just makes me want to abandon the book.

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