[Rezension] Kendare Blake: Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2)

12507214I am a bit stunned, this book had everything a follow-up book is so often lacking. The characters didn’t suddenly change their behaviour (for the sake of a loved one). It continued the story in a plausible way but yet took part of the events half around the world, which I enjoyed a lot.

And yet, somehow it was pale compared to part one. Anna, although the driving force is Cas‘ actions doesn’t get as much page time as I would love to and the ending was a bit to „right“, I had hoped for something more out of the ordinary, wilder.

I can’t say it was boring, but I wasn’t glued to the pages as I was in the first part. To me the „spark“ was missing. It still is a good and fresh story that I overall enjoyed a lot.3-sterne-schw


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