[Rezension] Laura Kaye: Hearts in Darkness

17948528Caden, tattooed and pierced, and Makenna are stuck in a pitch black elevator, without having looked at each other before. He is claustrophobic and needs a bit of distraction, so they start talking, asking each other questions, getting to know each other. They share secrets and laughs and feel very attracted to each other, even though they havn’t seen each other.

This novella-length story is a great read. I fell for Caden instantly and loved him a bit more with every page further into the story. The perspective alternates between those two, which I generally don’t like but here it is done in a way that worked for me.

Things get steamy hot but it isn’t just about the sex, it really feels like they are connecting, taking the opportunity to get to know each other without seeing each other. The physical contact is progressing slowly, with each step of the way being delicious and wonderful.5-sterne-schw


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