[Rezension] John Green: An Abundance of Katherines

8680398In short:

Colin, the hero of this book dated only girls named Katherine, and all break up with him, freshly dumbed by number 19 in the row, he is devestated and goes on a road trip with his best friend. They find jobs in one small town and stay. Colin meets Lindsey (no Katherine!) and starts his work on a theorem about relationships, dumbers and dumpees.

As usual I loved John Green’s writing style, he really stands out in the Young Adult genre with far too many mediocre or badly written books.

I also really enjoyed the math references and above all the annotations, really funny and clever. This taught me to never skip over annotations again!

The story itself was ok, but I was never hooked, the characters were likeable but forgettable.

This is a quick and fun read, quite different from the other John Green books I read so far, but again clearly worth picking up! 3-sterne-schw


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