[Rezension] Katie McGarry: Dare you to (Pushing the limits #2)

13561164After Beth got involved (again) into a fight between her mother and her brutal drug dealing sort-of-step-father, her uncle gets custody and blackmails her to follow his rules if she doesn’t want to see her mother go to jail.
She meets Ryan aspiring baseball star, who loves setting up dares with his friends. One of them is to go on a date with swearing and yelling Beth who is the clear opposite of his ex-girlfriend.

I did enjoy the book overall, especially the fights and flirts between Beth and Ryan, but all in all I was disappointed as I felt like the first part (Pushing the limits) was that much better. Here it feels like there are too many storylines started but only half heartedly finished. The relationship between Beth and her best friend from childhood days Lacey for example. The whole story seemed a bit unfocused to me. It felt like the author had made a list of teenager problems she wanted to work into her story and worked them bit by bit into the story and then it was mostly serving out clichés.
The main characters though are interesting, I really loved Beth, but everybody around them is painfully flat, full of stereotypes and after one paragraph about them you know exactly what their storyline and actions throughout the novel will be. There are zero surprises in character development.
But in spite of all the negatives I did enjoy the book, mostly because I liked the energy between the protagonists and their banter.
I definetely want to read the next installment, hoping it will have the spirit I loved about part 1 again.
(I received a free digital copy via NetGalley.) 3-sterne-schw


Eine Antwort zu “[Rezension] Katie McGarry: Dare you to (Pushing the limits #2)

  1. wow, du bist ja schnell mit deiner Rezi! 🙂
    Meine kommt erst irgendwann nächste Woche *g*
    Bin ganz deiner Meinung, obwohl es mir ne Spur besser gefallen hat – und ja, Teil drei wird auch definitiv wieder gelesen!

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