[Rezension] Larissa Ione: Desire Unchained

Shade and Runa had a short affair a year back and now find themselves forced into a demon bonding, which means unless one of them dies they won’t be able to have sex with someone else. They escape but Runa killed the lover of their captivator who swears bitter revenge now.
I am usually not very fond of those ex-lovers getting a second chance storyline, to me there is always a shadow over the love story, so in the beginning I wasn’t thrilled that this was exactly what was happening here. But Larissa Ione makes it work, there is enough broken hearted anger to fuel things but at the same time the story got spiced up by new ingredients like the fact that meanwhile the shy heroine got turned into a werewolf and has quite some fire going on. They try to make the best out of the situation while finding a way out of their bond.

The story is told in a fun and fast way, I enjoyed both protagonists a lot and am already looking forward to the installment that features Wraith, the third brother as he seems more and more interesting to me. There was a „bondage slash therapy“ (Won’t give away any spoilers.) scene which I found qa little disturbing and not all that logical. If they tie each other up and get out the whip it is fine but if it is for the wrong reasons like here I have my problems with such scenes.

All in all however I loved the book, the characters were lovable and the storyline interesting. I was really immersed in this book and will pick up part 3 very soon.


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