[Rezension] Jessica Martinez: Virtuosity

Carmen is a top class violinist, she is about to compete in a pretigious competition, whose winner not only will be allowed to use a million dollar violin but also will be performing around the world. She desperately wants to win, mostly because of the amazing violin. She has some sort of stage fright though which her mother and her doctor treat with some calming drugs. She wants to break free from that drug and really feel the music again.
Then she meets her main competitor, Jeremy,  a famous English violin player, who turns out to be actually quite nice.
I enjoyed the setting in the world of classical music, liked the protagonists a lot and found the story quite compelling. It was a bit too fast though, I would have liked to get to know more of the world they live in, get to know the characters even better and read more about Carmen and Jeremy falling in love, some more special moments.
I also enjoyed the beginning between them, the slight banter and would have liked to get to read more of that. All in all it felt a bit too fast. It was a wonderful story thozgh which I enjoyed a lot.


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