[Rezension] Lois Lowry: The Giver

Jonas lives in a world of control and uniformity, personal urges are suppressed with pills and the society chooses a fitting profession for the individuals. Jonas is chosen to become the Giver, the one person within the society that holds the memories of past generations to advice the government based on the experiences he is slowly receiving from his mentor, the current Giver.
Bit by bit he not only discovers beautiful moments of past generations he is not experiencing in his world, where people look very much alike and act very much alike, he also has to face horrible memories of humankind.
The story is very well told and has a good flow to it. I enjoyed to get to know this new world bit by bit and can’t wait to read the next volume as – and this is my only point of critique – the end was quite open.
Targeting a readership of adolescents this novel is a great read for people of all age.


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