[Rezension] Toni Jordan: Fall Girl

Della comes from a family of con-artists, and is busy tricking wealthy Daniel into believing she was a biologist, ready to prove that some extinct animal, the Tasmanian tiger, still exists if only she had some funding for her studies. Things go well until he wants to spend a weekend with her and her assistants in the bush on the site of the studies. Neither Della nor her relatives who pose as her PhD students know much about biology and even less about camping or hiking.

The story and the way it is told has the air of a 50s comedy with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant about it. Nice, light, charming, a little foreseeable; it definitely provides good entertainment especially in the first half. I am missing some depth behind the light facade though like the author managed in „Addition“. The end left some questions unanswered and was quite unsatisfying.

A good, light and charming read for times when you don’t wanna think too much.


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