[Rezension] Ciara Geraghty: Saving Grace

Imagine Bridget Jones with red hair, transferred to Ireland, add a bit of past drama overshadowing life and you have Grace, heroins of Saving Grace.

She is involved with Shane, who as the reader soon learns is a self absorbed, arrogant and superficial guy, who spends 6 months out of
town to push his career. Grace wakes up one morning in bed with her colleague Bernhard, who is in IT, geeky looking, but warm and very

Grace had lost her brother in an accident, they had been in Spain, when Grace ran into the ocean to take aq swim, but soon needed rescuing. She survived, her brother didn’t.

The writing is witty and very funny, the story however is very predictable, there are a little too many chance meetings (in Dublin!) between Grace and Bernhard. The whole storyline about the death of her brother seems purely designed to raise this novel above
the usual chick-lit level.

It is however a charming and entertaining read.



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